South Bay Pontoon Boats: 200, 500, 700, 900 series

South Bay Pontoon Boats

New for 2017
South Bay Pontoon Boats Catalog

YEAR: 2017
200 Series | 500 Series | 500 Entertainment Series | 500 Fishing Series | 700 Deluxe Series | 700 Deluxe Entertainment Series | Sport Series

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We're confident you will not find a better product.

At South Bay we understand the importance of quality construction and realize the vision and the dreams of our customers. We have gone to great lengths to develop trusting and creative relationships for the long-term. Our principles are based on integrity, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Our mission is to provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment on the water. Through these principles we ensure that we provide our customers with superior service and craftsmanship. Perhaps you should look no further than our long list of satisfied customers, that more than anything is the most telling testimony to South Bay's success.

2017 South Bay Showcase:

South Bay Pontoon Boats
200 Series

South Bay Pontoon Boats
500 Series | 500 Entertainment Series | 500 Fishing Series

South Bay Pontoon Boats
700 Deluxe Series | 700 Deluxe Entertainment Series

South Bay Pontoon Boats
Sport Series

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